Consortium passport-Reconstruction of "Architecture" and “Region"


Reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" of HECP

The architecture will change the fabric of society.

Our "Architecture" becomes the center of the world.ー

Logicization and conceptualization of alternative "Geijutze"


" Re-Armament Geijutze" - The start of the revolution is just simple.

Qualia called "Geijuzte",

This is an "Autonomia" for us.

Hey, Negri

We want you to pay attention to you,

It is exactly this new psychology.

THE REGION The Reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" is an "Autonomia" for us.

It is an installation called "Public Squat" that aimed at conversion of vacant houses and the establishment of autonomy right that law and tax do not pass through violence.

But this is not an Geijutze movement in the world of Academy, it is an art movement using "Conversion" = Deplacement by Deng anonymous Situationist.

Let's start with 'Assemblage', gathering the simplest things.

That's why, for this wonderful new adventure.

We are inviting you to start with us.

We are on the exploration while being very confused. But we are convinced that these years of terrorism and disasters will make it possible for us to discover new dimensions of existence anyway.

Understanding what is "Geijuzte" is also to understand the following things.

The root of the cause of the crisis situation in Japan is the "Architecture", and from the perspective of reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" on a global scale, at first we make the arts and crafts of the Architecture should be the beginning of everything.

The strength of "Architecture" is that you can make any small piece of it until you can completely surround it, that it lives inside the existence .

And "Geijutze" does not require any concrete existence, always being prior action of all decisions of value creation is "Geijutze".

If "Geijutze" does not exist inside the"Architectur" as a Community or a Pablicness,Langage of "scholars" and "parliamentarians"is just "Trivia knowledge".

Continuing "Geijutze" that does not show concrete figures to society as it is will have the responsibility for a new actual of atonement against the future.

Society is not just a political power relationship or a power equipment, it happens in the relationship between people who believe it. There is nothing changee such as Morris's "Arts and Crafts", Voice's "Social Sculpture" and "Art Expansion", Tsurumi's "Limited Art". And the answer was HECP's Architecture and Region.

Our struggle against the demon "complete worship" covering Japanese society that began in the 1970s, The point is, the problem of perfect qualia was a magnificent proposition posed to us.

Creating HECP (Human Rights, Environment, Community, Publicness) is "humanities" with a magnificent beautiful conscious, not communism nor liberalism.

The point is , This is the work of "Geijutze".

We finally got to the very core of this problem.


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