Geijutze program/What is a "consortium passport"?

How to create home electronics cafe movement.

We are 0.25% -whether or not we are ready to be 1/400.

<It is a start from 0 participants>

It is important to start this game.

The world is a "wealthy" conglomerate.

We can not win conglomerate. "Checkmate" is impossible.

But it is no concern.

What matters is "equilibrium". The goal of the game is not a "checkmate", it is a "stale mate". It is important to start this game.

You can not aim at "heart" of conglomerate. There is no "heart" in conglomerate. I have no choice but to cut "body". Then there is no choice but to erase the illusion of control.

We stand face to face with our learning and our creativity. Do not make it a responsibility for "scholar" or "government", but do not expect it. They are also conglomerates. They are lightly friends who advocate 'best friend'. That's why we need a real solidarity.

HECP is a totally unprecedented approach by anonymous people who have no experience or authority. That small step is a historical step in innovation that fabric change society.

The home electronics cafe's startup just hanging the plate on the door. However, that "first step" has great courage."First audience" plays an important role to support it. It is "first influencer". In this new festival, we will take the boundary between "audience" and "performer", help the "region" express self-expression, and "audience" will also play an important role in building up works such as " There is a philosophy of "Shukyaku-ittai","Ichiza-konryu".

The consortium passport is a proof that you have the courage to become the first audience to stand up and find out if you find a lonely "ridiculous man" that is doing great things. In the installation of "Geijutze" the "first audience" will play an important role.

"First audience" has a role to show how to use everyone, it is an important follower to develop this story together. And this is a formation of leadership. It is courage to just stand out in such a way, the first "follower" changes one "ridiculous man" to "leader". Then, a second follower appears for the 2nd person,3rdperson and becomes a group. Groups are news in the surrounding area, reaching a critical point as momentum comes, it becomes a public "movement". The risk becomes smaller as more people join, and there is no reason why people who could not decide what to do now will not join. It is no longer noticeable and it will not make you laugh. If you hurry it may be put into the core group. Eventually, everyone tries to enter the group. The one who does not join is rather stupid. This is how to cause "movement". If you really want to bring up "movement", you have the courage to follow and show that way to other people. It is important to have the courage to become the first person being to stand up and participate, if you find a lonely "ridiculous man" who is doing great things.

In the HECP consortium, rather than abandoning the differences, rather than expressing themselves, it is linked together and forms a unit for creating HECP-like projects. Communication of these 'movement' usually begins slowly in a small community or neighborhood, but when it reaches a certain point it will spread like a virus.

Contents Formation

<Consortium passport>

HECP Consortium passport

It is an online salon where gather people who create the Geijutze in the world .


This salon uses some Facebook group functions. You must have a Facebook account to join.

<It is a start from 0 participants>

The Consortium Passport is a user identity passport for visiting home electronics cafes around the world. It is a form of a new network of mutual use of "architecture" by consortium and worksharing which is neither "customer" nor "staff" , "pro bono" nor "volunteer" .

Motivation to move towards high goals. We would like to read concepts and execute support for specific projects. We look forward to your active participation.

HECP is a publicness community that learns and practices the perspective of alternative society from logic and practice. We provide concept literacy of "21st century art".

Although HECP fulfills the function as a curator or incubator, it does not perform any technical management or training at all. It is all "self learning". Our mission is to develop a logical and ideological background of alternative 'Geijutze' in order that our members will always dignifiedly strive for the create of 'Geijutze'.

< contents>

① Participation in "architecture" and mutual use

Real architecture cafe owner system

Rental management support

Time contract /day contract /day contract /month contract /year contract

Open house· Symposium · Forum participation

② Member Production Installation Art, Film, Video, Photo

Collaboration with gallery museum

Renovation /menu /operation support

Sign /display art /object /creation work production

③Weekend Open House "Coffee Free drink"

⑤ Real Symposium [undecided]

Symposium centering on concrete practical themes. Discuss with participants. After the discussion, we will hold an exchange meeting in the reception form.

* As a special content, "consortium internal project" such as policy recommendation and event planning may be carried out.

⑥ Column mailing system [undecided]

Issues of contemporary society such as art, design, art, human rights, environmental problems. Concrete correlation concept of HECP installation Report of literacy

⑦facebook group function


<The create of the architecture that changes the world>

- We want to see the moment the world moves.

Elderly people aiming at politics, aiming at art, aiming at social change, aiming at entrepreneurship, aiming at community contribution. If you are motivated to aim for concrete rather than knowledge, accept it as a consortium target.

■application qualification

<Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >

■As a general rule,60 or more elderly people

■Victims, refugees, immigrants in disputed areas, disaster areas, poor areas

■Women of child-rearing generation · Disabled people · Elementary and junior high school students under 18 years old

■Heads of local governments (candidates) and staff

<Non target>

■Academy · various organizations Executive officers, lawmakers, etc.


  • 1000 / 1000