Geijutze program / "Housework" is an innovative art.

"The most innovative art education is housework" - "nation and city" and "house and housework" are re-fused. Can Japan's intelligence create this complex cubic thesis by integrity?

"Housework" is the heart of the most innovative "Geijutze" and it is fun,and useful for people.

The share of housekeeping and family care of husband of a couple who has children is Sweden is 42.7%, France is 38.6%, America is 37.1%, Britain is 34.8%, Japan is 18.3% and it is the lowest.

On the other hand, the low level of Japanese male 's "housework skills" is a problem. However, in reality men do not want to do housework as well. Because I have not done much before, I am not good at cleaning even if I cook. After all women will start over, so you can not bring out their hands. That's why my husband gets no more opportunities to acquire "housekeeping skills". Indeed men are also motivated, the young people today are men who studied home economics courses with compulsory subjects, the emergence of gender free educational outcomes, 60% of men in their twenties said that "men also do housework and childcare It is natural. " Another thing is improvement of working environment such as elimination of long hours work, and men acquire domestic skills. If that happens, the share of male and female housework and childcare will approach Europe and the United States. "

But the most important thing is that it is not understood that the work "housework" is not painful nor is it the most innovative artistic movement. The point is, "housework" is "Geijutze" and it is interesting,and useful for people. In addition, "housework" fosters children's advanced expressiveness and creative thinking skills. The future "Geijutze" is born from life rather than school. Academy 's "school art" no longer passes the world.

"Family" in the future is a salon inviting people and being invited. It is a place to interact with people. From there I want to put a nice thing at home, a feeling of wanting to make a wonderful stage of life is born, and it becomes the soil of "art". Children's thought and expression will be enhanced to one's "worldview".

The education of "Geijutze" housework is in both children and adults to demonstrate creativity, to learn together and to develop upbringing through explorative activities. But that is not a narrow sense of "Geijutze" education. It is not even to teach children the knowledge and skills of adults.

Social solidarity is born through "production". It is necessary to create a scheme in which elderly people flow to 'housework' of labor with high sociality / publicity. All human beings engage in "production", they are useful for others, and have a sense of light in life by having awareness as a part of human society. In "Production" is an essential means for people to live a valuable life and is itself a "purpose" as well. The point is humans can go out only through "production".

HECP's "THE REGION" - "Architecture" and "Region" rebuilding is necessary for elderly people, disabled people, women, and children's hands to create "architecture". And, as the core there is "Geijutze" as "housework". There are countless jobs in "architecture" that you have to do just by maintaining everyday life. That is why the labor of people is needed as many as they are, everyone has a place where the ultimate work-sharing society runs. "Architecture" is a " housework "social gathering place and small work place for elderly people, disabled people, women and children's.


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