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The core "raison detre" of "elderly people" is not a representation of "fruit" but that of "seeds".

It is only when the "period of life" can be seen that human doings can for truly justice.

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The birth of Resources (a wisdom person)

"Elderly people" is an example of human society. It is a subject that changes the fabric of world.

Problem solving in the aging society needs to create an alternative market that does not conflict with the market of the working generation. One of the various problems that Japanese society faces is "long aging birthrate and declining birthrate" has been cried for a long time. Japan is now entering a "super aging society" that goes far beyond the aging society. The current Japanese elderly (over 65 years old) population reached 27 million people, four of whom support one elderly. Japan is the world 's largest "elderly major power", which is predicted to be one of about 3 in the whole in 25 years. It is difficult to sustain a super aged society unless we change people of this generation from the "supported side" to the "supporting side". Elderly people with rich knowledge and skills, network of people are enormous social resources. Also, the majority of elderly people can continue their daily lives and work if they have some help.

The elderly are not fearful of being "poverty"or "loneliness".

The really fearful thing is not to be respected.

The peoples become more conservative as they get older in generally. And, They hate change and feel strongly that I want to stay in comfort. If you look over Japan, there are reality that many elderly people do not do and everyday go to the hospital for a time crush. That is an increase in medical expenses, squeezing the country's budget. "Elderly people" is important to act "Geijutze" of building ideal "society" for future children instead of sports and recreation. It also leads to health maintenance for "elderly people" themselves, which also leads to spiritual health.

"The elderly" 60 to 70 is the culmination of life called the "monologue period", which is the most brilliant "platinum ten years" in life. Life after the 90th era, life after retirement age is never too much, "60 years old" must be the "starting point" to open the door of a new life. "monologue period" is a time to ask what is really what you wanted to do, released from the company and parenting tunnels.

Resources focuses on "universal truth" and "nature's providence" starting from "60 years old". We decide on our own will by "irresponsible" not following unreasonable authority and social institutions and customs. We can acquire a new life by sifting past "authority". And because we became "60 years old", we can face the dreams that were drawn when we were children.

In "aging problem", it is rational to resolve by entrepreneurship in an alternative market that does not compete with working generation market. Policies such as elderly extension of retirement age will force a new burden on working generation. It is difficult for working generation to realize big social change by "paradigm shift". "Working generation" is a position with various social responsibilities and relationships in real societies and organizations. It is only the "elderly people" who can look to the universal truth and nature's conscience, decide on their own will without following unreasonable authority and social institutional customs. The constitutive process of solving the aging problem is extremely simple. Anonymous "elderly people" will restore the lost spirituality of modern people and become the main person of the story that dramatically changes the social situation. It is only when the "period of life" can be seen that human doings can for truly justice. If the last job for 'elderly person' is 'Geijutze', all past choices are correct. The last scene in the story of life is the biggest 'highlight scene'.

The Japanese academy is "unconscious frog"

The Japan Geriatrics Society has made recommendations for elderly people over 75 years old and 65 years old like word play such as "practical" elderly people. The conclusion that the review of "definition" of the elderly who conscious of the political background is the start of the discussion of the academic society. By reviewing the "definition" of elderly people, if about 17.52 million people aged 65 to 74 years old are excluded from "elderly", the aging rate will be halved to about 13% at a stroke. It is exactly a number magic. On top of that, if you try to work until 74 years old as "still young," you will be able to greatly reduce the financial costs associated with the aging population, and it will be possible to raise the tax revenue as the "working generation" increase. "child opinion" for citizens by "scholars" is academic harassment with the greatest authority as the background.

The essence of the aging problem is not an academic problem that can be solved by a small brain of "scholars". A scholar who reacts to "knowledge" in front of me, reacting as "insect" only by motion that made chocolate chocolate, without understanding what is "color", "shape" or what is important There is no point in being told "unconscious frog". In other words, because of the narrow range of "scholars" in the limited "logical space", no matter how much aging issues are accumulated, essential solutions can not be guided.

In response to the "knowledge" in front of the eyes, the scholar does not know whether "color" or "shape" or "what" is important. "Scholars" who respond as "bug" by just scamper about movement, can not be said to be "unconscious frogs". It is impossible to lead an essential solution by accumulating discussions on the aging issue how much with the narrow range of "scholars" in the limited "logical space".

We are only showing unsightly old people .

They refuse to landing to the next society and cling to "authority" and "interests", hanging in the working generation society

Japanese politics is not a generation change from "elderly" to "young people", but conversion from "unsightly elderly" to "Geijutze elderly" is desired.

Because "working generation" is full of things to do in life, such as work, love , marriage, and family creation. The role of the "elderly" is to support active generations so that they can concentrate on science, technology and economic activities which are the backbone of the nation. We should build an ideal "society" that they do not have to be interested in "politics". And in the "political" activities of elderly people, there is absolutely nothing to aim for "bank bill". In other words, the original "politics" is "Geijutze" to be done in voluntary.

In the days when "elderly people" were respected, they were regarded as "wisdomful people" who make a big contribution to communities and families. The existence of "elderly people" had significance, and "elderly people" had value without substitution. However, they are being completely lost in modern society. "Elderly people" who can not find social value are overflowing in the streets. It is necessary for "elderly people" to be aware of dependence and incomplete self, and to take a long step towards making up for themselves. They recognize that they have been raised by themselves. "Default" - This is, The elderly people should "corruption" once and start again from where they put their feet on the real ground.


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