Reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" of HECP
The architecture will change the fabric of society.

Our "Architecture" becomes the center of the world.ー

Logicization and conceptualization of alternative "Geijutze"


" Re-Armament Geijutze" - The start of the revolution is just simple.

Qualia called "Geijuzte",

This is an "Autonomia" for us.

Hey, Negri

We want you to pay attention to you,

It is exactly this new psychology.

THE REGION The Reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" is an "Autonomia" for us.

It is an installation called "Public Squat" that aimed at conversion of vacant houses and the establishment of autonomy right that law and tax do not pass through violence.

But this is not an Geijutze movement in the world of Academy, it is an art movement using "Conversion" = Deplacement by Deng anonymous Situationist.

Let's start with 'Assemblage', gathering the simplest things.

That's why, for this wonderful new adventure.

We are inviting you to start with us.

We are on the exploration while being very confused. But we are convinced that these years of terrorism and disasters will make it possible for us to discover new dimensions of existence anyway.

Understanding what is "Geijuzte" is also to understand the following things.

The root of the cause of the crisis situation in Japan is the "Architecture", and from the perspective of reconstruction of "Architecture" and "Region" on a global scale, at first we make the arts and crafts of the Architecture should be the beginning of everything.

The strength of "Architecture" is that you can make any small piece of it until you can completely surround it, that it lives inside the existence .

And "Geijutze" does not require any concrete existence, always being prior action of all decisions of value creation is "Geijutze".

If "Geijutze" does not exist inside the"Architectur" as a Community or a Pablicness,Langage of "scholars" and "parliamentarians"is just "Trivia knowledge".

Continuing "Geijutze" that does not show concrete figures to society as it is will have the responsibility for a new actual of atonement against the future.

Society is not just a political power relationship or a power equipment, it happens in the relationship between people who believe it. There is nothing changee such as Morris's "Arts and Crafts", Voice's "Social Sculpture" and "Art Expansion", Tsurumi's "Limited Art". And the answer was HECP's Architecture and Region.

Our struggle against the demon "complete worship" covering Japanese society that began in the 1970s, The point is, the problem of perfect qualia was a magnificent proposition posed to us.

Creating HECP (Human Rights, Environment, Community, Publicness) is "humanities" with a magnificent beautiful conscious, not communism nor liberalism.

The point is , This is the work of "Geijutze".

We finally got to the very core of this problem.

Geijutze movement / What is HECP ?

HECP / What's "HECP"?

HECP (Home Electronics Cafe Program)

Human Rights Environment Community (HECP)

<Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >

"Unstoppable" Geijutze movement.

HECP (Home Electronics Cafe Program) is a cafe party movement started in Japan in 2017

It is a rebuilding movement of "Architecture" and "Region" targeting the world, by an alternative concept, that captures HECP(Human Rights Environment Community Publicness ) as a context of "Geijutze".

Marx and Lenin invented the revolution. We in the 21st century must invent and redefine "Commodity". What seem as a result of such efforts is knowledge about concrete and universal relationships, an insight on the essence of human nature, and also the possibility of "Geijutze".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" is "geijutze" logically clarifying and creative our artistic "commodity".

What we must live in modern times is neither war, revolution nor economic development, but reconstruction of common "commodity".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" began with calling for the formation of a consortium through SNS (social networking service). This cafe party movement is a movement of 'humanities' as an independent concept unlike the strong "Tea party movement"of political colors. Approach social change from the field of "Geijutze". Then, by emphasizing creativity diversity, it aims to realize its feasibility and sustainability. Features are mainly elderly people <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people > are mainly using modern online tools such as Facebook · Twitter · YouTube, but to the end The core of Movement is the "architecture" and "region" to be logicized. Communication of these movement usually begins slowly in small communities and neighborhoods, but once it reaches a certain point it will spread like a virus.

The reconstruction of HECP 's "architecture" and "region" does not mean "anti - nation" community that resists the state. It is a sustainable "Geijutze approach" with the theme of independence and coexistence of people, the earth and society different from the concept of "national" and "administrative district". What modern society is seeking is the realization of HECP based on the universality and providence of 'solidarity without a nation' which is not Islam nor American globalism.

It is the publicness of those who have common sensibilities and ideals that transcend ethnic or traditional geographical boundaries. It is an independent figure in an independent layer in every country and region in the world.

The message that is rooted in the world's problem is to create a society that protects people's life from terrorism, natural disasters and poverty. We propose the "Answer" - reconstruction of "architecture"and" region".

HECP's "THE REGION" - Reconstruction of "architecture" and "region" is the geography of network society that transcends administrative divisions and traditional geographical boundaries and It is an alternative publicness.

"Publicness is an act of sharing information, thinking, actions or a state of sharing them. Gather people, or gather around people, ideas, cause, needs. This point is, it is building a public. And open the process to collaborate with the surroundings. It is inclusive of the ethics of being open."

We will search for the possibility that citizens "Conversion" themselves to the whole city by invalidating it to homogeneous and geometric artificial urbanization or economic efficiency artificial urban community.

In the city formation, we propose a technique called onlayer = "layered".

On-layer = "layered" is not only a physical space but also a place where you can store the basic discussion form or topic when discussing something. It can also be said that it is a modern "topos" that makes us conscious of particular places by recalling common ideas.

Changes in the paradigm are not guided by the political or economic decision making scheme (parliament or market). "A new paradigm appears, shows its advantage, and gradually replaces the current paradigm.

In order to create a paradigm shift of human revitalization, it is necessary to develop "Geijutze movement " which expanded it as a reaction to "narrow range" in modern politics.

The core of HECP is an anonymous person who believes that action must be taken look forward to the future long before voters and politicians agree.

It is personally rich people who seriously think about the sustainability of human society, against the establishment, the only thing in common is that they are looking at the distant future.

People who oppose Establishment are persons rich people who seriously consider the sustainability of human society. The only thing in common is that you are looking at a distant future and in the future "Group" will also participate worldwide leaders who are visionary of the state and organizations. It should participate in a powerful member of the group aiming to fight for the long-term future of human society.

Geijutze Program / What is 'THE REGION'?


"Architecture" and "Region" to be logically organized. - "Architecture" as social common capital These new situation, new create, new worlds.

HECP's "THE REGION" - The rebuilding of "architecture" and "region" is not a scrap and build, it is a conversion from the excessive artificial "urbanization". The point is, it is to deplacement "architecture" and "region" (Diturunman). The problem of the crisis situation in Japan is in "architecture".HECP is a movement that makes "architecture=home" all the beginning from the viewpoint of rebuilding "architecture" and "region" on a global scale.

"Squat" is a place where the owner is absent for some reason, people occupy the building that is left alone, occupying, living, and managing.

The importance of the Squat is the role that people are gathering and supplying the space that creates their culture.

Scuat,the public concept of HECP is an installation aimed at rebuilding "architecture" and "region" for cultural creation and social inclusion through various practices.

"Architecture" is common social capital. Whether owned by state ownership or private ownership is not ego-ism.

Social common capital is not a concept to ask possession of state owned or private ownership. It is managed and operated according to the system established by involvement of social stratums. And that system of management evolves in the historical route.

"Architecture" made by conversion "assembly" is just one "assembly".

The origin of Assemblage is "to gather" and "to be incomplete". It is an attempt to restore the identity of the user by using the assembly (part) in a different way from the original. It is called "deplacement" (Diturunan).

HECP's "THE REGION" - rebuilding of the "architecture" and "region" divided into two categories, "large arts" like "urban infrastructure", "architecture" and "region", while dividing into two In order to re-fuse both of them into art as a whole, seek opportunity for "small arts" of commodities.

HECP is a uniquemovement that elderly people find the "small arts" and find "beauty for use" by conversion to assemblies that have been used in commodities. The purpose exists both in things and in mind.It is not relative,it is two side.

Rebuilding of "architecture" and "region" understands "architecture" as a place of living "living = Home", not crafty side. And it is starting with the creation of "small house" which is one of the "art" of Re-Conscious. Initially, The create of "architecture" and "region" in various places in Japan are ideal that <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people > set up a "architecture"on a self-supporting studies.

The strength of "architecture" is that it lives inside the existence. We are able to make any small pieces of ours until we can completely enclose our existence. And Geijutze does not require any concrete existence, it is the Geijutze always ahead of all decisions of value creation.

Geijutze program / What is STAND 3.0 ?


"Stand" is the concept of individual "independence" and "preparedness".

In the future, "stands" will be occurs frequently all over the world.

The appearance of the “elderly people" who change fabric of the world-

"Architecture" around the world surrounds the "WHITE HOUSE".

The birth of President Trump is a Go match between "Establish" and "Multitued" developed in the "scene" of the United States, President of the United States is not the king of "chess", President Trump is also a "Igo" It is only a piece.

President Trump performance its strength in the absence of answers. He believes "to move only for himself" and "to move the place he want to beat". And he acts freely in every "scene" . The move that he thought the best was acts without being caught in common sence even under the situation of "stupid form" or "bad form". When he find a winner he freely himself time.

But Japan will not be as you say.

Japanese was able to reach the heart of the problem finally .Our now is, present in the temporality that you was " before the Madonna to become famous" .

We will make several hundreds millions of "supporters of Japan" who sympathize with Japanese alternative culture with HECP for all over the world.

Global consciousness will emerge in the minds of people over the next few years. Although We do not know its essence and scale at the now, after a few years the world has gone distance and that new consciousness of cloud sinking brings not only a logical conclusion to us but also occurs frequently all over the world through other people's tasks (actions). Movement with "Stand", someone does not decide to "do so", and there is no social theory that leads us. That is the time when collective "wisdom" is invoked.

"Stand" is the concept of individual "independence" and "resolution". In the future, "Stands" will be occurs frequently in conflict areas and disastered areas all over the world. "Stand" is a "global movement" shared among diversity participating in the construction of the world. This is "singularity" of "Geijutze". "Geijutze" is not a concept of a static, monumental modeling, but a conceptual process converted into a stand. In this context, STAND 3.0 is not a "langage"or a "signe" but a potential power, and "Geijutze".

The fight against "terrorism" is the "game of Igo" of the Geijutze for the occupation of the "community".

The image of the world that continues to grow at an accelerated pace of national innovation is nearing its end.

The fight against "terrorism" is the "game of Igo" of the Geijutze for the occupation of the "community". From the time We began to say war with "terrorism" the outline disappeared in the war. As a result of this influence, the sign that the war has gradually spread all over the world is made. The idea of many "legislators" can not get out of the dogma of the inter-state war of the past. Today, it is basically wrong to start talking about "chess" by the state.

In the case of "Igo", the pieces are only distinguished from enemies and ally by white and black. All the pieces are unnamed, they are not characteristic and are all equal. Whereas, the "Chess" piece has clearly given a role in the ordered hierarchical structure. It does not change its function, and it carries out the task for the ultimate goal. The piece of "chess" moves according to its code in answer to role. Whereas, there is no line and no code in the piece of "Igo", and it can appear at any point depending on strategy. The piece of "Igo" suddenly appears , it can change the situation dramatically by unexpected power exercise

What is most needed in the current "scene" is "sacrifice=dead stone" that changes the situation dramatically. "Throwing stone" is a stone that layout in order to let others take it by design. It is to make its own advantage favorable in a later phase where it seems to be useless and ineffective at now.

The message that addresses the various problems the world faces is to create a society that protects the lives of people from terrorism, natural disasters and poverty. That answer is the reconstruction of HECP / "THE REGION" - "architecture" and "region".

HECP does not mean "anti-nation" community against the state.To fulfill the function as a non-state "social solidarity" in order to create situations where each region and residents can survive abundantly as a present situation beyond the concept of national and administrative divisions. It can be said that the state is a fundamental primary order formation for that. The modern society is not Islam, American globalism, it is required to realize HECP based on the universality and providence of a human society without a state.

HECP is a "Geijutze" approach aimed at rebuilding sustainable "artchitecture" and "region" on the theme of independence and coexistence of people, the earth and society. And it is a common public sphere of people with common sensibilities and ideals avobe ethnic, traditional and geographical boundaries. Regions are independent forms in independent layers in all countries and regions around the world. That is "HECP" - Human rights,Environment, Community,Publicness.

The world is moving towards bigger fluctuations than our anticipation. We have to accelerate the historic time. There is no time to be associated with the boring debate of "scholars" or "lawmakers" any longer. Our time will shift to an alternative constitutive process of ambiguous worldview. It is more important than surrounding the alternative "Geijutze" by grasping what to come forward from the perspective of the future.

The qualia "Geijutze", the academy liberated from "concrete".

"Geijutze" is a competition to discover "Justice" that existence in human.

Poverty and conflict are serious problems in the history of human, and everyone has a desire to discuss any universal principle. However, the essence of the event phenomenon appears in a concrete "architecture" for each and every person who experiences it. In other words, the universal thing for human beings manifests itself in the individuality of each life. "Geijutze" is not to describe ideological existence separated from everyday life as an phenomenon having a universal meaning for human beings. It is a "raison d'etre" that draws in the depiction of a very common activity that repeats every day.

A genius of "art" is a genius of "innocence". There are no more artists with expressive power than <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >. There are no prejudices,fixed concepts and there is no feasances.

Our Geijutze increases the most acute depth when pictures of emerging phenomenon for human society, such as poverty, disasters and conflict. Poverty and conflict are macroscopic phenomenon, but we feel as a "qualia" a huge monster that is vaguely visible when we have accumulated micro and private experiences.

Poverty and conflict are not an established abstract existence from the beginning. So there is nothing other than synchronization from the inside to the seriousness of micro and private experiences to drawing poverty and conflict.

It is sometimes necessary to speak to a radical about the misery of poverty, conflict and natural disaster by spending a lot of "information" and "knowledge" from "intelligence". However, such an "academy" is not "art" nor anything. It is ridiculous that it is neither scientific nor rational, but our "Geijutze" is to express the "qualia" of hardships for human being more realistically.

"Academy" mistakes the way by floating from concrete. In the first place, "What is the meaning of" in "discussion" in "an abstract form apart from the concrete of each life". The academy has made many people 's implicit assumption that the academy has value for the first time by an abstract universal leaving individual concrete. In the first place, it can not be separated from the actual feeling of concrete. "Concept" can not talk about the problem of how to confront concrete of living full of chaos with complexity in human beings.

Also, "art" can be said to be a competition to discover "justice" that exists in ourselves.

The concept of truth and beauty, goodness and evil is completed by how it stands up with how it relates to the individual's live concrete. HECP 's "architecture" probably a wonder "mixed obgect" composed of concrete and abstract by "the layered" = on-layer figure.

People can enclose themselves in a specific safety area by basking in a concept tower.

However, the Academy does not specifically "project" oneself,abstract and metaphysical,any abstract concept can not have seriousness. Temporarily, if you thoroughly study those things, it will be reversely illuminated against the irritability of "universality" that has been liberated from the concrete that many academies presuppose.

Human consciousness has to rely on the form of universality because of its formation and must continue looking for the universality which is the basis of the formation in the specific torrent encountered in the real world .

Marx and Lenin invented the revolution. In the 21st century we have to invent and redefine our commodities. Over such efforts is knowledge about concrete and universal relationships, an insight about the essence of human beings, and also the possibility of the"Geijutze".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" is "Geijutze" that could grasp the reason for our everyday feelings of light. Modern we are seeking a "STAND3.0" that is neither war, revolution nor economic development.

Geijutze program / What is Home electronics cafe?

Restructuring of "Architecture" and "Region" as an alternative "Market"

HECP / Home electronics cafe

"Geijutze"program target for 300,000 locations in Japan and 20 million locations in the world

There are already "tens of millions" cafe facilities in Japan, and there are "tens of millions" home kitchener. "HECP / Home Electronics Cafe" is a rebuilding program of "architecture" and "region" of home publicization by cash forwork using "home electronics" in house and home anywhere.

The home electronics cafe is a "home opening movement" that quickly changes to a cafe just by hanging the plate on the door knob. First of all, I start as a neighborhood residents and friends tea party drinking space. It is a simple operation that anyone can operate alone by using a home-cooking menu that does not require excessive skill using kitchen appliances. The management style of home electronics cafe introduces the concept of consortium and work-sharing by family and friends, neighborhood residents, and SNS network. This "small work place" does not cost any new cost by using your own house. It is a market activity of tea ceremonies and trial-party style cafe for work that can easily and safely handle even the elderly and children by using home appliances.

Entrepreneurship of home electronics cafe is developed by 'public squat' which empty houses and abandoned houses dotted nationwide mainly at home. We aim to operate based on appropriate profit as compensation for self-independent management and social mission accomplishment. We do not need a little budget by using own house and home appliances. Participation by self-study focusing on elderly people will become the leading role of the community. It is a social movement that actively deepens economic independence, pension, medical and social security issues, watching the elderly and actively working with local communities.

HECP / home electronics cafe is a "private" space when you usually have only one person, but if a guest comes, that space will be "public". "Public" and "private" are not conflicting elements, and it is in self-determination that individuals choose what to"private" and what they open to "public" by themselves. Publicizing and sharing various resources by individuals creates the possibility of sharing of regional and economic markets. The point is, the alternative market is not a division by time or place but a multilayered overlap by on-layer = "layered".

HECP / home electronics cafe "house" has a standby mode called "sleep". Sleep is a power saving standby power mode. Sleep has a merit that it saves much power compared with the normal startup state, and enables quick reboot without terminating the program being started. Opening of HECP / home electronics cafe is different from general open, the concept of closed open "not closed and a little open". "Publicization of home = idea of publicness" is open to the house = open. In its use, the concept of hardstrict "enter" is more important than anything, and it requires unique manners and rules that are completely different from conventional common sense.

HECP / home electronics cafe has a unique service concept "JUSTICE" for general customers. "Customer" sounds a chime at the time of visit, it goes to the room after greeting the intention of entering the store. "JUSTICE" is a way of fairly servicing according to the manners level of "customers", segments only smart customers with a high level of manners and wanting them to relax freely just like "homes". Although we may decline the use for 'customers' too low manners. "Customers" are not subject to discrimination due to age, gender, nationality, industry, status, etc. other than their personality and manner - but also, there is no benefit service by them.

HECP / home electronics cafe's "architecture" features are open source. Everyone can participate in "freedom", and it is possible to develop the project. However, with regard to that entry, understanding about the distinction between "open access" and "commons" becomes necessary. Open access means "anyone can freely use", but the actual commons are limited by the sharing of ideals.Users must strictly observe rules and manners when using commons. Home electronics cafes are used not only by neighbors and friends but also by domestic and foreign people who are interested in the concept. Mass media, famous talents and cultural people, presidents of big companies and professors of universities do not handle them at all.

In general, genuine artists have good manners and morals and are very humble and sincere correspondence. However, it is also true that the media and advertising agencies have strong privilege consciousness and many people are very troublesome. In the past the mass media asked me to make a documentary movie. They said that they do not want to pay the participation fee because they are cooperating. However, we declined their participation. It is based on the way of thinking that it is impossible to create a privileged person inside to maintain the catalytic property of this project.

Currently in Japan's market society is too much devoted to competitive fundamentalism and the manner of "customer" is often seen as to displease somebody situation. In Japan, "Omotenashi" can be said to be a "professionalism" of service in a nice sense, but on the other hand it can be said that the concept of "customer" is a service culture of immature appearanceism. "Omotenashi" is a very nice toraditional property in Japan.

However, modern society manually forms only that form without considering the spirituality behind it, and introduces a wide range of excessive service standards for general commodity service industry. To that end, we are expanding the mental stress of the workers and we are shutting down the employment of "elderly people", "disabled people" and "foreigners". Furthermore, even in the job recruitment situation of the economic depression, even young people are not gathered to the service industry, creating a mismatch of employment.

Certainly delicate care is wonderful, but on the other hand, too much attention to detail has often resulted in wasting the life of things in excess. As Japanese society honors "Omotenashi spirit" it is said that we are closing our heads by ourselves.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is increasing, and it has become a "lifeline" that was not anticipated in the Japanese economy in the past three years. Foreign tourists are now supporting the profits of hotels, restaurants, airlines, retailers, museums, etc. The Japanese government initially wanted to increase the number of foreign visitors to 20 million by 2020, but the goal was already achieved this year and raised the next target to 40 million.

However, many foreigners seeking in Japan are neither "casino" nor "omotenashi". Japan's identity = "attraction" is a community of human rights and environment and public. In other words, it is the original landscape of "architecture" and "region" anywhere in the country. The poor ideas such as "Omotenashi", "Casino" and "World Expo" are mere thoughts and illusions of "parliamentarians" and "scholars" who lacked imagination captured by past tradition.

"Can unknown one house have a "presence" as a symbol of that era?

Our "architecture" is wonderful than I expected! "

A home visit's "architecture" shares "hygge" time.

"" Home visit "is an activity that domestic and foregin travelers visit ordinary Japanese families, meaning short-term visits without accommodation, and can experience only lunch and dinner. It is about 2 ~ 3 hours avoiding the meal time period, to spend about a half a day at ordinary households, to have the Japanese understand everyday life. How would you like to welcome ?, but you do not have to deal with customers or do special things. It is important to welcome you as a member of the family, eat together, chat, and feel comfortable while wearing casual clothes.

When asking the Danish people "What is the most important thing for the Danish people, mostly the answer" hygge "comes back. After that the word "will not be translated into a foreign language" will always follow. The expression on that occasion is mixed with things like pride and nostalgia for Danish culture. For example, if you are called by someone close to home, eating meals, having coffee and handmade cakes, slowly chatting to your heart's content without concern for time, laughing with a light jokes, It means that the mind is relaxing and somehow warm feeling is shared by everyone on the spot.

People who visit home (visitors) are also nervous, so do not forget to take a little care. So it will be easier for families whose homes are narrow and unable to accept homestay and who are still worried about welcoming foreigners. Of course, visits not only by foreigners but also by Japanese people all over Japan are welcome.

Relax and keep it simple,Why do not you take in the usual commodities? We do not welcome greetings by making luxurious dinners different from usual, but preparing commodity home cuisine that we eat at home everyday. Only a few hours. Moreover, just eating the usual dinner together. It's only this, but the time to spend with people from all over the world without staying at home should be a new lifestyle. "

Geijutze program / "Housework" is an innovative art.

"The most innovative art education is housework" - "nation and city" and "house and housework" are re-fused. Can Japan's intelligence create this complex cubic thesis by integrity?

"Housework" is the heart of the most innovative "Geijutze" and it is fun,and useful for people.

The share of housekeeping and family care of husband of a couple who has children is Sweden is 42.7%, France is 38.6%, America is 37.1%, Britain is 34.8%, Japan is 18.3% and it is the lowest.

On the other hand, the low level of Japanese male 's "housework skills" is a problem. However, in reality men do not want to do housework as well. Because I have not done much before, I am not good at cleaning even if I cook. After all women will start over, so you can not bring out their hands. That's why my husband gets no more opportunities to acquire "housekeeping skills". Indeed men are also motivated, the young people today are men who studied home economics courses with compulsory subjects, the emergence of gender free educational outcomes, 60% of men in their twenties said that "men also do housework and childcare It is natural. " Another thing is improvement of working environment such as elimination of long hours work, and men acquire domestic skills. If that happens, the share of male and female housework and childcare will approach Europe and the United States. "

But the most important thing is that it is not understood that the work "housework" is not painful nor is it the most innovative artistic movement. The point is, "housework" is "Geijutze" and it is interesting,and useful for people. In addition, "housework" fosters children's advanced expressiveness and creative thinking skills. The future "Geijutze" is born from life rather than school. Academy 's "school art" no longer passes the world.

"Family" in the future is a salon inviting people and being invited. It is a place to interact with people. From there I want to put a nice thing at home, a feeling of wanting to make a wonderful stage of life is born, and it becomes the soil of "art". Children's thought and expression will be enhanced to one's "worldview".

The education of "Geijutze" housework is in both children and adults to demonstrate creativity, to learn together and to develop upbringing through explorative activities. But that is not a narrow sense of "Geijutze" education. It is not even to teach children the knowledge and skills of adults.

Social solidarity is born through "production". It is necessary to create a scheme in which elderly people flow to 'housework' of labor with high sociality / publicity. All human beings engage in "production", they are useful for others, and have a sense of light in life by having awareness as a part of human society. In "Production" is an essential means for people to live a valuable life and is itself a "purpose" as well. The point is humans can go out only through "production".

HECP's "THE REGION" - "Architecture" and "Region" rebuilding is necessary for elderly people, disabled people, women, and children's hands to create "architecture". And, as the core there is "Geijutze" as "housework". There are countless jobs in "architecture" that you have to do just by maintaining everyday life. That is why the labor of people is needed as many as they are, everyone has a place where the ultimate work-sharing society runs. "Architecture" is a " housework "social gathering place and small work place for elderly people, disabled people, women and children's.

Geijutze Program/Target-Resources

The core "raison detre" of "elderly people" is not a representation of "fruit" but that of "seeds".

It is only when the "period of life" can be seen that human doings can for truly justice.

HECP / Resources

The birth of Resources (a wisdom person)

"Elderly people" is an example of human society. It is a subject that changes the fabric of world.

Problem solving in the aging society needs to create an alternative market that does not conflict with the market of the working generation. One of the various problems that Japanese society faces is "long aging birthrate and declining birthrate" has been cried for a long time. Japan is now entering a "super aging society" that goes far beyond the aging society. The current Japanese elderly (over 65 years old) population reached 27 million people, four of whom support one elderly. Japan is the world 's largest "elderly major power", which is predicted to be one of about 3 in the whole in 25 years. It is difficult to sustain a super aged society unless we change people of this generation from the "supported side" to the "supporting side". Elderly people with rich knowledge and skills, network of people are enormous social resources. Also, the majority of elderly people can continue their daily lives and work if they have some help.

The elderly are not fearful of being "poverty"or "loneliness".

The really fearful thing is not to be respected.

The peoples become more conservative as they get older in generally. And, They hate change and feel strongly that I want to stay in comfort. If you look over Japan, there are reality that many elderly people do not do and everyday go to the hospital for a time crush. That is an increase in medical expenses, squeezing the country's budget. "Elderly people" is important to act "Geijutze" of building ideal "society" for future children instead of sports and recreation. It also leads to health maintenance for "elderly people" themselves, which also leads to spiritual health.

"The elderly" 60 to 70 is the culmination of life called the "monologue period", which is the most brilliant "platinum ten years" in life. Life after the 90th era, life after retirement age is never too much, "60 years old" must be the "starting point" to open the door of a new life. "monologue period" is a time to ask what is really what you wanted to do, released from the company and parenting tunnels.

Resources focuses on "universal truth" and "nature's providence" starting from "60 years old". We decide on our own will by "irresponsible" not following unreasonable authority and social institutions and customs. We can acquire a new life by sifting past "authority". And because we became "60 years old", we can face the dreams that were drawn when we were children.

In "aging problem", it is rational to resolve by entrepreneurship in an alternative market that does not compete with working generation market. Policies such as elderly extension of retirement age will force a new burden on working generation. It is difficult for working generation to realize big social change by "paradigm shift". "Working generation" is a position with various social responsibilities and relationships in real societies and organizations. It is only the "elderly people" who can look to the universal truth and nature's conscience, decide on their own will without following unreasonable authority and social institutional customs. The constitutive process of solving the aging problem is extremely simple. Anonymous "elderly people" will restore the lost spirituality of modern people and become the main person of the story that dramatically changes the social situation. It is only when the "period of life" can be seen that human doings can for truly justice. If the last job for 'elderly person' is 'Geijutze', all past choices are correct. The last scene in the story of life is the biggest 'highlight scene'.

The Japanese academy is "unconscious frog"

The Japan Geriatrics Society has made recommendations for elderly people over 75 years old and 65 years old like word play such as "practical" elderly people. The conclusion that the review of "definition" of the elderly who conscious of the political background is the start of the discussion of the academic society. By reviewing the "definition" of elderly people, if about 17.52 million people aged 65 to 74 years old are excluded from "elderly", the aging rate will be halved to about 13% at a stroke. It is exactly a number magic. On top of that, if you try to work until 74 years old as "still young," you will be able to greatly reduce the financial costs associated with the aging population, and it will be possible to raise the tax revenue as the "working generation" increase. "child opinion" for citizens by "scholars" is academic harassment with the greatest authority as the background.

The essence of the aging problem is not an academic problem that can be solved by a small brain of "scholars". A scholar who reacts to "knowledge" in front of me, reacting as "insect" only by motion that made chocolate chocolate, without understanding what is "color", "shape" or what is important There is no point in being told "unconscious frog". In other words, because of the narrow range of "scholars" in the limited "logical space", no matter how much aging issues are accumulated, essential solutions can not be guided.

In response to the "knowledge" in front of the eyes, the scholar does not know whether "color" or "shape" or "what" is important. "Scholars" who respond as "bug" by just scamper about movement, can not be said to be "unconscious frogs". It is impossible to lead an essential solution by accumulating discussions on the aging issue how much with the narrow range of "scholars" in the limited "logical space".

We are only showing unsightly old people .

They refuse to landing to the next society and cling to "authority" and "interests", hanging in the working generation society

Japanese politics is not a generation change from "elderly" to "young people", but conversion from "unsightly elderly" to "Geijutze elderly" is desired.

Because "working generation" is full of things to do in life, such as work, love , marriage, and family creation. The role of the "elderly" is to support active generations so that they can concentrate on science, technology and economic activities which are the backbone of the nation. We should build an ideal "society" that they do not have to be interested in "politics". And in the "political" activities of elderly people, there is absolutely nothing to aim for "bank bill". In other words, the original "politics" is "Geijutze" to be done in voluntary.

In the days when "elderly people" were respected, they were regarded as "wisdomful people" who make a big contribution to communities and families. The existence of "elderly people" had significance, and "elderly people" had value without substitution. However, they are being completely lost in modern society. "Elderly people" who can not find social value are overflowing in the streets. It is necessary for "elderly people" to be aware of dependence and incomplete self, and to take a long step towards making up for themselves. They recognize that they have been raised by themselves. "Default" - This is, The elderly people should "corruption" once and start again from where they put their feet on the real ground.

Geijutze Program/"Availability" of elderly people is "Times of crisis"

The greatest "availability" of elderly people is the reconstruction of "commodity" in poverty, conflict, and disaster.

The point is "Times of crisis".

Our movement always "Win". Because disasters are absolutely inevitable at any time and any place.

"Elderly people" must be a reconstruction leader who realizes "rebuilding" of "architecture" and "region" when a natural disaster occurs. "Reconstruction" is caused by the physical landscape, history, tradition, and economic regacy of the land. And, to rebuild "architecture" and "region" with physical and mental characteristics. The subjective consciousness is "qualia" of the victim. "Architecture" not only as a craft aspect but as "home" = a place of commodity life, making "architecture" all the beginning. "Reconstruction" can not solve problems unless there is a time system to project the past (= memory) to the future (= desire). Because these two are "concepts" which are recognized prior to any empirical recognition.

Regarding the problems of housing rebuilding, the perspective of regional regeneration, independence of victims, time efficiency and economic efficiency are important. Just leaving it to the national government and the administration does not solve the problem, each and every one can only move. "Reconstruction" will not proceed even if it imposes a model of an ideal housing or city ignoring regionality. In that case, the "elderly people" with plenty of wisdom and experience will be the leading role. "Elderly people" should utilize existing resources and systems to create "sustainable workplaces" and "traditional communities" supported by regional demand. For that purpose, we must proceed with handmade "reconstruction" that does not rely on meetings and design drawings. In the rebuilding of "architecture" and "region" in "reconstruction", it is impossible to put a heavier burden on the working generation. "Elderly people" should focus mainly on regaining local communities and original landscapes. "Elderly people" will be the subject, aiming at reconstruction of the original landscape of "house" and "district" by maximizing the experience and wisdom of many years.

"Restoration" is not limited to infrastructure improvement and restoration of houses, aiming to revitalize the region with hope as a desire for memory of the past. The disaster victim always thinks of the meaning that he survived at the risk of their life to "reconstruction". The subject of reconstruction is victims. People who become "leaders" after fulfilling "reconstruction". Of course, the lifeline, infrastructure and urban plan are based on the power of the national government and municipalities. However, in order to maintain the community it should be an opportunity to build a new scheme that supports "elderly people".

Geijutze program/What is a "consortium passport"?

How to create home electronics cafe movement.

We are 0.25% -whether or not we are ready to be 1/400.

<It is a start from 0 participants>

It is important to start this game.

The world is a "wealthy" conglomerate.

We can not win conglomerate. "Checkmate" is impossible.

But it is no concern.

What matters is "equilibrium". The goal of the game is not a "checkmate", it is a "stale mate". It is important to start this game.

You can not aim at "heart" of conglomerate. There is no "heart" in conglomerate. I have no choice but to cut "body". Then there is no choice but to erase the illusion of control.

We stand face to face with our learning and our creativity. Do not make it a responsibility for "scholar" or "government", but do not expect it. They are also conglomerates. They are lightly friends who advocate 'best friend'. That's why we need a real solidarity.

HECP is a totally unprecedented approach by anonymous people who have no experience or authority. That small step is a historical step in innovation that fabric change society.

The home electronics cafe's startup just hanging the plate on the door. However, that "first step" has great courage."First audience" plays an important role to support it. It is "first influencer". In this new festival, we will take the boundary between "audience" and "performer", help the "region" express self-expression, and "audience" will also play an important role in building up works such as " There is a philosophy of "Shukyaku-ittai","Ichiza-konryu".

The consortium passport is a proof that you have the courage to become the first audience to stand up and find out if you find a lonely "ridiculous man" that is doing great things. In the installation of "Geijutze" the "first audience" will play an important role.

"First audience" has a role to show how to use everyone, it is an important follower to develop this story together. And this is a formation of leadership. It is courage to just stand out in such a way, the first "follower" changes one "ridiculous man" to "leader". Then, a second follower appears for the 2nd person,3rdperson and becomes a group. Groups are news in the surrounding area, reaching a critical point as momentum comes, it becomes a public "movement". The risk becomes smaller as more people join, and there is no reason why people who could not decide what to do now will not join. It is no longer noticeable and it will not make you laugh. If you hurry it may be put into the core group. Eventually, everyone tries to enter the group. The one who does not join is rather stupid. This is how to cause "movement". If you really want to bring up "movement", you have the courage to follow and show that way to other people. It is important to have the courage to become the first person being to stand up and participate, if you find a lonely "ridiculous man" who is doing great things.

In the HECP consortium, rather than abandoning the differences, rather than expressing themselves, it is linked together and forms a unit for creating HECP-like projects. Communication of these 'movement' usually begins slowly in a small community or neighborhood, but when it reaches a certain point it will spread like a virus.

Contents Formation

<Consortium passport>

HECP Consortium passport

It is an online salon where gather people who create the Geijutze in the world .

This salon uses some Facebook group functions. You must have a Facebook account to join.

<It is a start from 0 participants>

The Consortium Passport is a user identity passport for visiting home electronics cafes around the world. It is a form of a new network of mutual use of "architecture" by consortium and worksharing which is neither "customer" nor "staff" , "pro bono" nor "volunteer" .

Motivation to move towards high goals. We would like to read concepts and execute support for specific projects. We look forward to your active participation.

HECP is a publicness community that learns and practices the perspective of alternative society from logic and practice. We provide concept literacy of "21st century art".

Although HECP fulfills the function as a curator or incubator, it does not perform any technical management or training at all. It is all "self learning". Our mission is to develop a logical and ideological background of alternative 'Geijutze' in order that our members will always dignifiedly strive for the create of 'Geijutze'.

< contents>

① Participation in "architecture" and mutual use

Real architecture cafe owner system

Rental management support

Time contract /day contract /day contract /month contract /year contract

Open house· Symposium · Forum participation

② Member Production Installation Art, Film, Video, Photo

Collaboration with gallery museum

Renovation /menu /operation support

Sign /display art /object /creation work production

③Weekend Open House "Coffee Free drink"

⑤ Real Symposium [undecided]

Symposium centering on concrete practical themes. Discuss with participants. After the discussion, we will hold an exchange meeting in the reception form.

* As a special content, "consortium internal project" such as policy recommendation and event planning may be carried out.

⑥ Column mailing system [undecided]

Issues of contemporary society such as art, design, art, human rights, environmental problems. Concrete correlation concept of HECP installation Report of literacy


<The create of the architecture that changes the world>

- We want to see the moment the world moves.

Elderly people aiming at politics, aiming at art, aiming at social change, aiming at entrepreneurship, aiming at community contribution. If you are motivated to aim for concrete rather than knowledge, accept it as a consortium target.

■application qualification

<Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >

■As a general rule,60 or more elderly people

■Victims, refugees, immigrants in disputed areas, disaster areas, poor areas

■Women of child-rearing generation · Disabled people · Elementary and junior high school students under 18 years old

■Heads of local governments (candidates) and staff

<Non target>

■Academy · various organizations Executive officers, lawmakers, etc.


  • 1000 / 1000