The Alternative of Minimal

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The Alternative of Minimal
What is Minimal arts
"Humanization of work" and "artisticization of life"

I long to propose the Minimal to the future of humanity. If all humans try to move only for their own benefit, there is no future for humanity. The answer to injustice is not to silence the critic, but to end the injustice.Women and men, Please,I want your help with realization of this dream and this hope.


The house:architecture will change the fabric of world.

HECP:Home-electronics cafe - The start of the revolution is just simple.

The one possible changes the fabric of world.

The HECP’s Elders are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rights.

Our mission is to prepare the artist and activist of today to successfully receive the baton and continue to build upon the foundation that was lain so many years ago.

HECP: Home Electronics Cafe program is a Human Rights,Environment,Community,Public Art Project "Making the world: a workshop of a small house" aimed at protecting the right for socially disadvantaged people to be recognized socially . The work content brings income for elderly,handycaped people, women, refugees who were eliminated socially by opportunities and self-reliance by employing "up-cycle" such as abandoned houses, furniture, home appliances, etc. It is damaged It is a unique attempt to restore human nature.

The Home Electronics Cafe program is a project to combine damaged houses, furniture and home appliances as well as promoting employment of unemployed people. By doing this, we will regenerate the lives of people living in the distressed area. We will reduce the waste items in the art area and reuse it, contribute to environmental problems. It is a project that aims at kill two birds with one stone of social sustainability and environmental sustainability, leading to the economic activities of that Region and City.

As a model of creative cities of social inclusion type, The Home Electronics Cafe program aims to reconstruction "Architecture " and "Region" for cultural creation and social inclusion through various practices.


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