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HECP / What's "HECP"?

HECP (Home Electronics Cafe Program)

Human Rights Environment Community (HECP)

<Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >

"Unstoppable" Geijutze movement.

HECP (Home Electronics Cafe Program) is a cafe party movement started in Japan in 2017

It is a rebuilding movement of "Architecture" and "Region" targeting the world, by an alternative concept, that captures HECP(Human Rights Environment Community Publicness ) as a context of "Geijutze".

Marx and Lenin invented the revolution. We in the 21st century must invent and redefine "Commodity". What seem as a result of such efforts is knowledge about concrete and universal relationships, an insight on the essence of human nature, and also the possibility of "Geijutze".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" is "geijutze" logically clarifying and creative our artistic "commodity".

What we must live in modern times is neither war, revolution nor economic development, but reconstruction of common "commodity".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" began with calling for the formation of a consortium through SNS (social networking service). This cafe party movement is a movement of 'humanities' as an independent concept unlike the strong "Tea party movement"of political colors. Approach social change from the field of "Geijutze". Then, by emphasizing creativity diversity, it aims to realize its feasibility and sustainability. Features are mainly elderly people <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people > are mainly using modern online tools such as Facebook · Twitter · YouTube, but to the end The core of Movement is the "architecture" and "region" to be logicized. Communication of these movement usually begins slowly in small communities and neighborhoods, but once it reaches a certain point it will spread like a virus.

The reconstruction of HECP 's "architecture" and "region" does not mean "anti - nation" community that resists the state. It is a sustainable "Geijutze approach" with the theme of independence and coexistence of people, the earth and society different from the concept of "national" and "administrative district". What modern society is seeking is the realization of HECP based on the universality and providence of 'solidarity without a nation' which is not Islam nor American globalism.

It is the publicness of those who have common sensibilities and ideals that transcend ethnic or traditional geographical boundaries. It is an independent figure in an independent layer in every country and region in the world.

The message that is rooted in the world's problem is to create a society that protects people's life from terrorism, natural disasters and poverty. We propose the "Answer" - reconstruction of "architecture"and" region".

HECP's "THE REGION" - Reconstruction of "architecture" and "region" is the geography of network society that transcends administrative divisions and traditional geographical boundaries and It is an alternative publicness.

"Publicness is an act of sharing information, thinking, actions or a state of sharing them. Gather people, or gather around people, ideas, cause, needs. This point is, it is building a public. And open the process to collaborate with the surroundings. It is inclusive of the ethics of being open."

We will search for the possibility that citizens "Conversion" themselves to the whole city by invalidating it to homogeneous and geometric artificial urbanization or economic efficiency artificial urban community.

In the city formation, we propose a technique called onlayer = "layered".

On-layer = "layered" is not only a physical space but also a place where you can store the basic discussion form or topic when discussing something. It can also be said that it is a modern "topos" that makes us conscious of particular places by recalling common ideas.

Changes in the paradigm are not guided by the political or economic decision making scheme (parliament or market). "A new paradigm appears, shows its advantage, and gradually replaces the current paradigm.

In order to create a paradigm shift of human revitalization, it is necessary to develop "Geijutze movement " which expanded it as a reaction to "narrow range" in modern politics.

The core of HECP is an anonymous person who believes that action must be taken look forward to the future long before voters and politicians agree.

It is personally rich people who seriously think about the sustainability of human society, against the establishment, the only thing in common is that they are looking at the distant future.

People who oppose Establishment are persons rich people who seriously consider the sustainability of human society. The only thing in common is that you are looking at a distant future and in the future "Group" will also participate worldwide leaders who are visionary of the state and organizations. It should participate in a powerful member of the group aiming to fight for the long-term future of human society.


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