Geijutze Program / What is 'THE REGION'?


"Architecture" and "Region" to be logically organized. - "Architecture" as social common capital

These new situation, new create, new worlds.

HECP's "THE REGION" - The rebuilding of "architecture" and "region" is not a scrap and build, it is a conversion from the excessive artificial "urbanization". The point is, it is to deplacement "architecture" and "region" (Diturunman). The problem of the crisis situation in Japan is in "architecture".HECP is a movement that makes "architecture=home" all the beginning from the viewpoint of rebuilding "architecture" and "region" on a global scale.

"Squat" is a place where the owner is absent for some reason, people occupy the building that is left alone, occupying, living, and managing.

The importance of the Squat is the role that people are gathering and supplying the space that creates their culture.

Scuat,the public concept of HECP is an installation aimed at rebuilding "architecture" and "region" for cultural creation and social inclusion through various practices.

"Architecture" is common social capital. Whether owned by state ownership or private ownership is not ego-ism.

Social common capital is not a concept to ask possession of state owned or private ownership. It is managed and operated according to the system established by involvement of social stratums. And that system of management evolves in the historical route.

"Architecture" made by conversion "assembly" is just one "assembly".

The origin of Assemblage is "to gather" and "to be incomplete". It is an attempt to restore the identity of the user by using the assembly (part) in a different way from the original. It is called "deplacement" (Diturunan).

HECP's "THE REGION" - rebuilding of the "architecture" and "region" divided into two categories, "large arts" like "urban infrastructure", "architecture" and "region", while dividing into two In order to re-fuse both of them into art as a whole, seek opportunity for "small arts" of commodities.

HECP is a uniquemovement that elderly people find the "small arts" and find "beauty for use" by conversion to assemblies that have been used in commodities. The purpose exists both in things and in mind.It is not relative,it is two side.

Rebuilding of "architecture" and "region" understands "architecture" as a place of living "living = Home", not crafty side. And it is starting with the creation of "small house" which is one of the "art" of Re-Conscious. Initially, The create of "architecture" and "region" in various places in Japan are ideal that <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people > set up a "architecture"on a self-supporting studies.

The strength of "architecture" is that it lives inside the existence. We are able to make any small pieces of ours until we can completely enclose our existence. And Geijutze does not require any concrete existence, it is the Geijutze always ahead of all decisions of value creation.


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