Geijutze program / What is STAND 3.0 ?


"Stand" is the concept of individual "independence" and "preparedness".

In the future, "stands" will be occurs frequently all over the world.

The appearance of the “elderly people" who change fabric of the world-

"Architecture" around the world surrounds the "WHITE HOUSE".

The birth of President Trump is a Go match between "Establish" and "Multitued" developed in the "scene" of the United States, President of the United States is not the king of "chess", President Trump is also a "Igo" It is only a piece.

President Trump performance its strength in the absence of answers. He believes "to move only for himself" and "to move the place he want to beat". And he acts freely in every "scene" . The move that he thought the best was acts without being caught in common sence even under the situation of "stupid form" or "bad form". When he find a winner he freely himself time.

But Japan will not be as you say.

Japanese was able to reach the heart of the problem finally .Our now is, present in the temporality that you was " before the Madonna to become famous" .

We will make several hundreds millions of "supporters of Japan" who sympathize with Japanese alternative culture with HECP for all over the world.

Global consciousness will emerge in the minds of people over the next few years. Although We do not know its essence and scale at the now, after a few years the world has gone distance and that new consciousness of cloud sinking brings not only a logical conclusion to us but also occurs frequently all over the world through other people's tasks (actions). Movement with "Stand", someone does not decide to "do so", and there is no social theory that leads us. That is the time when collective "wisdom" is invoked.

"Stand" is the concept of individual "independence" and "resolution". In the future, "Stands" will be occurs frequently in conflict areas and disastered areas all over the world. "Stand" is a "global movement" shared among diversity participating in the construction of the world. This is "singularity" of "Geijutze". "Geijutze" is not a concept of a static, monumental modeling, but a conceptual process converted into a stand. In this context, STAND 3.0 is not a "langage"or a "signe" but a potential power, and "Geijutze".

The fight against "terrorism" is the "game of Igo" of the Geijutze for the occupation of the "community".

The image of the world that continues to grow at an accelerated pace of national innovation is nearing its end.

The fight against "terrorism" is the "game of Igo" of the Geijutze for the occupation of the "community". From the time We began to say war with "terrorism" the outline disappeared in the war. As a result of this influence, the sign that the war has gradually spread all over the world is made. The idea of many "legislators" can not get out of the dogma of the inter-state war of the past. Today, it is basically wrong to start talking about "chess" by the state.

In the case of "Igo", the pieces are only distinguished from enemies and ally by white and black. All the pieces are unnamed, they are not characteristic and are all equal. Whereas, the "Chess" piece has clearly given a role in the ordered hierarchical structure. It does not change its function, and it carries out the task for the ultimate goal. The piece of "chess" moves according to its code in answer to role. Whereas, there is no line and no code in the piece of "Igo", and it can appear at any point depending on strategy. The piece of "Igo" suddenly appears , it can change the situation dramatically by unexpected power exercise

What is most needed in the current "scene" is "sacrifice=dead stone" that changes the situation dramatically. "Throwing stone" is a stone that layout in order to let others take it by design. It is to make its own advantage favorable in a later phase where it seems to be useless and ineffective at now.

The message that addresses the various problems the world faces is to create a society that protects the lives of people from terrorism, natural disasters and poverty. That answer is the reconstruction of HECP / "THE REGION" - "architecture" and "region".

HECP does not mean "anti-nation" community against the state.To fulfill the function as a non-state "social solidarity" in order to create situations where each region and residents can survive abundantly as a present situation beyond the concept of national and administrative divisions. It can be said that the state is a fundamental primary order formation for that. The modern society is not Islam, American globalism, it is required to realize HECP based on the universality and providence of a human society without a state.

HECP is a "Geijutze" approach aimed at rebuilding sustainable "artchitecture" and "region" on the theme of independence and coexistence of people, the earth and society. And it is a common public sphere of people with common sensibilities and ideals avobe ethnic, traditional and geographical boundaries. Regions are independent forms in independent layers in all countries and regions around the world. That is "HECP" - Human rights,Environment, Community,Publicness.

The world is moving towards bigger fluctuations than our anticipation. We have to accelerate the historic time. There is no time to be associated with the boring debate of "scholars" or "lawmakers" any longer. Our time will shift to an alternative constitutive process of ambiguous worldview. It is more important than surrounding the alternative "Geijutze" by grasping what to come forward from the perspective of the future.

The qualia "Geijutze", the academy liberated from "concrete".

"Geijutze" is a competition to discover "Justice" that existence in human.

Poverty and conflict are serious problems in the history of human, and everyone has a desire to discuss any universal principle. However, the essence of the event phenomenon appears in a concrete "architecture" for each and every person who experiences it. In other words, the universal thing for human beings manifests itself in the individuality of each life. "Geijutze" is not to describe ideological existence separated from everyday life as an phenomenon having a universal meaning for human beings. It is a "raison d'etre" that draws in the depiction of a very common activity that repeats every day.

A genius of "art" is a genius of "innocence". There are no more artists with expressive power than <Unknown people> <Small people> <Invictus people >. There are no prejudices,fixed concepts and there is no feasances.

Our Geijutze increases the most acute depth when pictures of emerging phenomenon for human society, such as poverty, disasters and conflict. Poverty and conflict are macroscopic phenomenon, but we feel as a "qualia" a huge monster that is vaguely visible when we have accumulated micro and private experiences.

Poverty and conflict are not an established abstract existence from the beginning. So there is nothing other than synchronization from the inside to the seriousness of micro and private experiences to drawing poverty and conflict.

It is sometimes necessary to speak to a radical about the misery of poverty, conflict and natural disaster by spending a lot of "information" and "knowledge" from "intelligence". However, such an "academy" is not "art" nor anything. It is ridiculous that it is neither scientific nor rational, but our "Geijutze" is to express the "qualia" of hardships for human being more realistically.

"Academy" mistakes the way by floating from concrete. In the first place, "What is the meaning of" in "discussion" in "an abstract form apart from the concrete of each life". The academy has made many people 's implicit assumption that the academy has value for the first time by an abstract universal leaving individual concrete. In the first place, it can not be separated from the actual feeling of concrete. "Concept" can not talk about the problem of how to confront concrete of living full of chaos with complexity in human beings.

Also, "art" can be said to be a competition to discover "justice" that exists in ourselves.

The concept of truth and beauty, goodness and evil is completed by how it stands up with how it relates to the individual's live concrete. HECP 's "architecture" probably a wonder "mixed obgect" composed of concrete and abstract by "the layered" = on-layer figure.

People can enclose themselves in a specific safety area by basking in a concept tower.

However, the Academy does not specifically "project" oneself,abstract and metaphysical,any abstract concept can not have seriousness. Temporarily, if you thoroughly study those things, it will be reversely illuminated against the irritability of "universality" that has been liberated from the concrete that many academies presuppose.

Human consciousness has to rely on the form of universality because of its formation and must continue looking for the universality which is the basis of the formation in the specific torrent encountered in the real world .

Marx and Lenin invented the revolution. In the 21st century we have to invent and redefine our commodities. Over such efforts is knowledge about concrete and universal relationships, an insight about the essence of human beings, and also the possibility of the"Geijutze".

The reconstruction of HECP's "architecture" and "region" is "Geijutze" that could grasp the reason for our everyday feelings of light. Modern we are seeking a "STAND3.0" that is neither war, revolution nor economic development.


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